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Play Kitchen

Do you have a small space but want a play kitchen for your little one?

Check out this adorable mini kitchen by Step 2.  The perfect toy for a small space. This kitchen is also great for younger toddlers and babies because it is very low to the ground which allows it to be easily accessed by little ones.


This fun and entertaining toy includes a shape-sorting refrigerator door and a drop-down sink that helps children work on their sorting skills. It also includes a can, frying plan, egg, cheese, milk, orange and apple. These accessories allow for great imaginary play.

My favorite part is the peek-a-boo window that is always a hit with my little girl! Guaranteed hours of fun for you and your baby!

What do you think of this play kitchen?


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Activity Gym Play Mat

Every baby needs an activity gym play mat. Check out my new favorite one!


The Skip Hop Treetop Activity Gym is a super cute play mat that any baby is sure to love. This activity gym has 17 developmental activities for babies and includes 5 hanging toys. The oversize round surface allows plenty of room for baby to roll around and play and it also includes a great tummy time pillow!

My favorite thing  about this is the colors and how great it looks. This is a must have for your new baby!

Do you like activity mats with more bells and whistles?


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Foam Letter Play Mat

Looking for something soft to put under your baby as they sit and play on the floor? Check out this great Foam Alphabet play mat!


This brightly colored and durable mat makes a great addition to any playroom or babies room. Not only is it great to help cushion the floor (especially if you have hard wood floors) but it also help children learn their numbers and letters.

We have gotten hours of enjoyment from this floor mat and for $43.89 it’s much less expensive then any rug you could buy!

What do you think of foam floor mats?


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As a new mom you have so many things to worry about… don’t let swaddling your baby be one of them! Of course they show you how to swaddle your newborn at those wonderful baby prep classes and at the hospital but I just could never get it right!

Then I found the most amazing product… Summer SwaddleMe wraps were a lifesaver. These amazing swaddle blankets come with velcro (the best invention ever) so all you need to do is tuck your baby in the wrap and close up the flaps. You can do it as tight or as loose as you want and easily adjust it without having to take the whole thing off.

Oh and my favorite part is the leg pouch that you can remove when you need to do a 2 a.m. diaper change. So easy to use!

These come in so many great colors and patterns… also in micro fleece, cotton and organic cotton!

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Do you use these with your baby?


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Soft Feely Box

The What’s Inside? Feely Box has to be one of my favorite baby toys. Babies absolutely love this toy. The super soft machine washable box is stuffed with 10 different objects that little ones just love to pull out and explore.

It’s such a joy to see the surprise on a baby’s face when they pull out one of the objects (even when they’ve seen it 50 times before). Even as your child gets older the box still provides tons of fun. Play a guessing game or have them feel around in the box until they find a certain item. So much fun!! This awesome toy is available at Lakeshore Learning for $39.99.


Does your child like playing peek-a-boo?


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Plush Sleep Sheep

Looking for something to help sooth your little one to sleep. This plush Cloud B Sleep Sheep sound machine plays four different sounds that are sure to lull your baby into a peaceful rest. With a simple push button it’s easy to operate and you an pick either 23 or 45 minutes for it to run.

I also love that there are two sizes, we keep the large size for the crib at home and then when we travel we take the travel size.


Do you use a sound machine to help put your baby to sleep?


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Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets- Doesn’t get much better then these!

Ever baby needs swaddle blankets and my absolute favorite are by Aden + Anais. These super soft muslin blankets will make your baby feel safe and cozy. These breathable cotton blankets allow your little ones to be warm without overheating them.

What I love most about these blankets is how many different uses I found for them. Swaddling of course was our first use but then we found these make great blankets for the stroller or to lie on during tummy time. Now my little one uses them to sleep with and loves carrying them around everywhere.


With so many pattern/color options everyone can find a style that fits them and their baby! This pack of four will keep you stocked for a bit but if you think one isn’t enough then order two! Also make great gifts for expecting moms!


Do you love these as much as I do? Let us know!


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