Chevron Rug- Yes please!!

Chevron is so popular right now and it makes sense because it is cute! I love everything chevron and just found this amazing chevron rug from Pottery Barn Kids. It is available in pink, blue and gray and is also available in three sizes (3×5, 5×8 and 8×10).

This rug is made of wool and is soft and plush when you walk on it, perfect for babies and toddlers.

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Do you have any chevron accents in your babies nursery?


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We love Rody!!


What little kid wouldn’t love Rody! This inflatable rocking horse is a favorite among most children I know. Although it says for ages 3-5, we let our 2 year old play on it… with supervision of course!

Kids can also get creative with this one and use their imagination, maybe they can become a cowboy at a rodeo!

Not only do the kids love bouncing around on this silly looking horse they are working on their balance and coordination at the same time. It’s soft plastic yet super strong and durable. With so many colors to choose from everyone can pick one they will love.

Which color do you like best? I think I like the lime or the purple (might have to get both)


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My husband loves Legos. Probably more then our child but we are working on it. We had those big pink Legos and those were great but we wanted to move to a smaller size and didn’t feel the need to only have pink/purple Legos in our house.

When searching online I found these great Lego Duplo Read & Build Sets. What I love about these sets is that they come with a book that you read as you build. The one we started with was the Grow Caterpillar Grow! story. As you read you get to build the different insects that are mentioned in the book. It really makes building with the Legos even more engaging!

read-and-build imgres-2


Did you like building with Legos when you were little?


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Plush Sleep Sheep

Looking for something to help sooth your little one to sleep. This plush Cloud B Sleep Sheep sound machine plays four different sounds that are sure to lull your baby into a peaceful rest. With a simple push button it’s easy to operate and you an pick either 23 or 45 minutes for it to run.

I also love that there are two sizes, we keep the large size for the crib at home and then when we travel we take the travel size.


Do you use a sound machine to help put your baby to sleep?


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Toddler Tea Set

One of my 2 year olds favorite toys is this Fisher-Price Tea Set. This adorable set includes the teapot, two tea cups and the shape sorting tray that has three different shaped cakes. The teapot plays songs that help teach babies about numbers, shapes, opposites, manners and greetings.

We love having tea parties together and it’s fun to practice our shapes with the different cakes. Overall this product is well made and engaging for little ones. for $14.89 on Amazon it is well worth the money! We’ve already gotten hours of enjoyment out of this product and I know she will continue to enjoy it as she gets older! Also makes a great gift for all those baby birthday parties we have to go to!


Does your little one like having tea parties?


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Elephant Bento Box

I wish all my reviews could be positive but unfortunately this product just seriously disappointment me. The Elephant snack box by Boon was so adorable I just had to have it when my little girl started “school”. I was excited to fill it with delicious healthy snacks for her to eat during the day. Then I started getting frustrated when it would never close properly. My husband got frustrated as well when the box opened in the car and her food spilled all over!


So I thought it was just me but after reading  reviews on Amazon I found that others had this problem as well. I will continue to look for a better snack box and when I find it I will make sure to tell you all!

Do you have one that you really like? Let us know.


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Weelicious Cookbook

Feeding a hunger toddler can be one of the biggest challenges any parent can face. Little kids can be some of the most difficult people to please. While trying to think of things my child would eat other then cucumbers, pasta and watermelon I came across this book- Weelicious and fell in love with it.

The book offers 140 fabulous recipe ideas that children and adults love. I enjoy making items from this cookbook because not only are they healthy but overall they are easy to follow recipes that don’t require a ton of time… because let’s face it, we don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen each day!

With recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert items you will definitely find something your child will enjoy!

What’s your favorite recipe to make?


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Shopping cart fun! Little Tikes Shopping Cart

I haven’t met a toddler that doesn’t love pushing something around. What better to push around then an adorable shopping cart. This sturdy plastic shopping cart had a deep basket for all those important items your little chef needs from the grocery store and has a fold-down seat just like a real shopping cart for a favorite toy or baby doll!



What’s your toddler’s favorite thing to push around the house? Share it with us!


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Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets- Doesn’t get much better then these!

Ever baby needs swaddle blankets and my absolute favorite are by Aden + Anais. These super soft muslin blankets will make your baby feel safe and cozy. These breathable cotton blankets allow your little ones to be warm without overheating them.

What I love most about these blankets is how many different uses I found for them. Swaddling of course was our first use but then we found these make great blankets for the stroller or to lie on during tummy time. Now my little one uses them to sleep with and loves carrying them around everywhere.


With so many pattern/color options everyone can find a style that fits them and their baby! This pack of four will keep you stocked for a bit but if you think one isn’t enough then order two! Also make great gifts for expecting moms!


Do you love these as much as I do? Let us know!


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Family tree decal sticker for the baby’s room – in pink, blue and yellow

Have family that lives far away from your baby? Want to keep them near and dear to your babies heart? Consider this family tree decal — cute, adorable, and an opportunity to add more family photos to the room.

I love the pinks, blues, yellows, greens and browns in this version. Also, who could resist that mama and baby owl!

In our nursery we plan to add family photos to limbs and have a real old-fashioned family tree for the baby to admire! You can use sticker frames such as below to put up the family pictures:

We can’t decide if we should use photos we have already, or take new photos whenever someone comes to visit us. Polaroids could be a very fun solution here.

Let us know what you think — do you have something similar in your nursery? Send us a pic!

All the best,

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